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Meet the Staff of Lewis Dental Care in London

Dr. Norman F. Lewis - Dentist

Dr. Norman F. Lewis - Dentist

Having had braces as a youngster prompted me to pursue a career in Dentistry. I graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1979 and practiced in the Oshawa area before moving to London in 1990.

Along the way I focused my attention on courses incorporating orthodontics into my general practice, as well as a degree in Naturopathic Medicine. I spent many years using orthopedic appliances and braces for orthodontic cases. I now make regular use of Invisalign aligners as a more efficient and hygienic way to achieve beautiful smiles.

My Naturopathic background prompts me to provide minimally invasive dentistry, wherever possible, and select dental materials that maximize biocompatibility.

While I am proud of my approach to dentistry, and accomplishments through the years, I am most proud of my 5 children, including an autistic daughter, who has taught me patience, respect and appreciation of the fragility of our health. She has been a strong influence on the caregiver I strive to be today.

It is my mission to provide gentle, client directed care, safely, comfortably and respectful of my patients overall health.

When you call, Sharon will deal with your booking and insurance needs. Yennie will be providing chairside assistance and seeing to your comfort during treatment.

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